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Bahamas National Trust Bye-Laws for Land & Sea Parks
  • These rules may be cited at the rules of the Land and Sea Parks of The Bahamas National Trust and are made under Section 24 of The Bahamas National Trust Act.
  • The bye-laws operate in conjunction with all other laws of The Bahamas.
  •  The Land and Sea Parks have been designated marine replenishment areas and nurseries for The Bahamas therefore the hunting, trapping, netting, capture, or removal of any fish, turtle, crawfish, conch, whelk, or any marine and/or fisheries resource in or from the Park is prohibited. 
  • The destruction, injury or removal of any living or dead plant life, beach sand, coral, sea fan or gorgonians from the Parks is prohibited.
  • The molestation, injury or destruction of any land animal or bird life or the eggs of any animal or bird is prohibited as is the use of nets or snares for the taking or destruction of any animal or bird life in the Parks. 
  • Permission may be granted individual instances for the capture or removal of a designated number of land or sea animals or plants required for valid scientific research. In each instance the scientific institution concerned must obtain a permit from The Bahamas National Trust prior to capture or removal of the specimens.
  • Dumping of any wastes oil or rubbish either in land or in the sea is prohibited.
  • No person shall injure, deface, or remove any building, structure, sign, ruins or other artifacts within the Parks.
  • The posting of any sign, placard, advertisement or notice within the Parks is prohibited as is the erection of any building, shed, tent or other structure.
  • No person shall display, use, fire or discharge any explosives, firearm, harpoon gun within the Parks.
  • With reference to privately owned property these bye-laws do not affect the existing rights of any person acting legally by virtue of any estate right or interest in over or affecting the land of the Parks.
  • Willful obstruction disturbance or annoyance of anyone in the proper use of the lands and submarine areas or of any officer of The Bahamas National Trust in the exercise of his or her duties is prohibited.
  • Any person charged with an offence against any of these bye-laws shall be liable on summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding $500 and to the confiscation of any boat, vessel or aircraft and of all equipment, stores, provisions or other effects used for the purpose of committing the offence.



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